April 06, 2018

Combat Mission War Chest

Though the tactics that I have discussed in the past will work in all of the Combat Mission games from WW2, through Afghanistan and into the modern era, I highly recommend you read through this blog:  Combat Mission War Chest - especially for those of you who are interested in the modern games (Combat Mission Shock Force and Combat Mission Black Sea).  This blog also includes some examples from the second world war as well.

Though it hasn't been updated in awhile, I know the author and as a US Army commissioned officer he definitely knows his stuff.
Some examples of the subject matter you will see:
  • German Kampfgruppe in the Attack, Falaise Pocket, AUG, 1944
  • Mech Company Team in the Attack
  • Stryker Company in the Attack
  • Rifle Company Conducts Night Attack on Urban Area
So go and explore this blog, your time will not be wasted.

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