June 22, 2018

Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 - BETA AAR

Recently started a BETA After Action report (AAR) for the upcoming Combat Mission : Shock Force 2 game which will bring the original CMx2 title up to the latest Combat Mission engine standards.

My opponent is the SOB who beat me in the Combat Mission : FInal Blitzkrieg BETA AAR, Baneman.  I will attempt to put up a better fight than I did last time.

For this game we wanted to show as much as possible, and yet provide an entertaining and challenging game. We decided that each of us would take two nations, and some UNCONs and Fighters and duke it out man on man, steel against steel (or Chobham as the case may be)... the only constraint was that whoever chose the US would also have to field the Syrians as the US does come with some advantages (Javelins etc.).

This is a Meeting Engagement with the following forces arrayed against each other:

BANEMAN - UK and German - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support)
ME - US and Syrian - UNCONs including some Technical (gun truck) support)

"Wow. An IDF officer I got to know was very insistent on the principle: "Anti-infantry armour and anti-armour infantry." You have provided his school solution here, Bil!"
LongLeft Flank - Battlefront forums
Follow along at the following links.  I will update this post as the game proceeds:

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