November 29, 2018

PBEM Tactical Problems

These Tactical Problems are designed to give small scale (Platoon to Company (+)) and short (around 30 minute) games for two players to test and explore tactical solutions to unique situations.

They are Head to Head only in order to provide the toughest challenge. Each side in these scenarios is designed to provide a challenge, though some sides may be tougher than others, refer to the scenario complexity ratings for the difficulty rating for each side.

Post your solutions in the comments section for each scenario, or on the Battlefront forum. We might, in the future, add AI to each side of these scenarios based on the best submitted solutions for each side.

So grab your favorite PBEM partner and test your tactical knowledge with these small, fast playing and challenging scenarios.

The links below will take you to each Tactical Problem as they become available. These scenarios are being crafted and tested by myself and Todd Justice (ScoutPL on the Battlefront forum). Author’s name follows each link below.

These links will take you to the download page for each specific Tactical Problem:

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