December 04, 2018

PBEM Tactical Problem 02 - Strongpoint!


~ Russian Defense ~

German player must assault and clear the heavily mined enemy strongpoint through very restricted terrain, time is short as enemy reinforcements are close.

Russian player must defend at all costs and counterattack with reserves, if they arrive in time.

Time: 30 Minutes

  • Russian Player: Moderate 
  • German Player: Advanced 

Game: CMRT

Author: Bil Hardenberger

Download Link:  PBEM 02 - Strongpoint!

For best results, use the CMRT Threat Icons

November 30, 2018

Threat Based Floating Icons

Download links are at the bottom of the post.

When the military uses tactical map symbols, friendly units are always represented by rectangular symbols:

 Threat force unit icons are always represented by diamond shaped symbols:

This set of floating icons for the World War 2 Combat Mission games is intended to bring that same functionality to the average player.  The following key illustrates how this will work.  

Designed specifically as a companion to the PBEM Tactical Problems, this set of icons is an improved version of the Modern Style icons I recently released.  If you don't want to use this functionality but would like to use the latest and best icons, grab just the Playing as Allies folder and it will give you the latest icon set and will work as they always have.

Note that so far I have completed Threat icons for CMBN, CMRT, and CMFB.  Thee CMFI icons are a work in progress (just need to finish up the Italians).  I will also be creating a set for CMSF2 and CMBS down the road.  

How does this work?  Prior to starting a game, I click on a shortcut on my desktop (which I have created for each game's mod folder (specifically to the folder where these icons are located)).  This will open the mod folder:
Note in the above example it is setup as if you will be playing the Allies.

  1. If it was previously unzipped DELETE Folder for side you are fighting against - i.e. if you are playing the Americans, then you will delete the Bil's Icons - PLAYING AXIS folder
  2. UNZIP Folder for side you are playing - i.e. if you are playing the Americans, then you will unzip the Bil's Icons - PLAYING ALLIES zip file 
  3. Only ONE of the two ZIP FILES should be unzipped at a time
Most importantly:


WW2 Combat Mission Download Links:  

November 29, 2018

PBEM Tactical Problem 01 - A Rifle Behind Every Tree

A Rifle Behind Every Tree

~ Movement to Contact ~

Each player is responsible for identifying key terrain and adjusting initial plan depending on how enemy contact evolves throughout the scenario. The main objective(s) is or are hidden for both sides, players are expected to identify it or them in their key terrain analysis.

See the in-game scenario briefing for scenario details on each side.

Time: 30 minutes.

  • US Player: Advanced 
  • German Player: Advanced 
Game:  CMFB

Author: Todd Justice (ScoutPL)

Download Link:  PBEM TP01 - A Rifle Behind Every Tree

For best results use the CMFB Threat Icons

PBEM Tactical Problems

These Tactical Problems are designed to give small scale (Platoon to Company (+)) and short (around 30 minute) games for two players to test and explore tactical solutions to unique situations.

They are Head to Head only in order to provide the toughest challenge. Each side in these scenarios is designed to provide a challenge, though some sides may be tougher than others, refer to the scenario complexity ratings for the difficulty rating for each side.

Post your solutions in the comments section for each scenario, or on the Battlefront forum. We might, in the future, add AI to each side of these scenarios based on the best submitted solutions for each side.

So grab your favorite PBEM partner and test your tactical knowledge with these small, fast playing and challenging scenarios.

The links below will take you to each Tactical Problem as they become available. These scenarios are being crafted and tested by myself and Todd Justice (ScoutPL on the Battlefront forum). Author’s name follows each link below.

These links will take you to the download page for each specific Tactical Problem:

November 21, 2018

Battle Technique - Using Squads in Combat Mission - Should You Split into Teams?

In a recent thread in the Battlefront forums, a poster asked the following question:
Posted by Mousie:  Do you guys split your units often? Perhaps to have many people occupying buildings at the same time for area control? Only time I've actually used it wasn't a real combat situation, but during the training exercise. It does make people useful for scouts at least.
I thought it would be useful to post on this subject on the blog as these types of conversations are often lost in the clutter on that forum.

Some contend that keeping squads together allows better firepower and gives the squad better tactical survivability, both of which are true, or suggest keeping them together in order to take advantage of the Assault command.. I acknowledge that you do indeed need to keep your squad intact in order to use Assault, and they will not break as easy as they will if split and especially if out of C2 range of the squad leader.. but then I never use the Assault command, and I am willing to risk some fragility in order to utilize real world tactics and spread my squads over a wider area.

The only time I do not split my squads is when they are moving in a secure area and are not likely to run into any enemy units. In order to use real world tactics (which I highly recommend) I contend that you MUST split your squads.

I will split my squads regardless of nationality, for example, I even split Russian squads in CMRT, and try to use the appropriate realistic squad tactics... even though these squads will become very brittle if separated from their squad leader (out of C2 range).

Additional Reading: Movement Techniques, the React to Contact, Squad Attack and the Fire and Movement Battle Drills, plus the Platoon Leader section, specifically Scouting techniques.

In Action:  In my CMRT BETA AAR I laid out a Squad Attack Drill using a Soviet infantry squad.. the key to using a squad split is to ensure that the teams can be mutually supporting.

The excerpt from the AAR follows; this example shows mutually supporting fire, and leap frog movement as the Team roles change through the attack:
Squad Attack Drill
3rd Squad/1st Plt./4th Company that was formerly scouting for 5th company was given the task of taking out the HMG team that has been sitting on the approaches to Blau for several turns now...
The LMG Team and the Rifle Team made up my base of fire while the SMG Team was my maneuver element...
Elvis tried to extricate the HMG team but they ran right in front of the SMG team which cut down at least three of them (bottom image). Next I close and finish any survivors.
Squad Attack Drill - the finish
The survivors of the enemy HMG team that I was attacking last turn surrendered as the squad's rifle team closed on the position... the SMG Team was back in support for this move and the LMG Team moved forward as well.

November 08, 2018