September 07, 2013

Battle Drill 002 – Squad Attack Drill

Squad Attack Drill

SITUATIONThe squad is conducting a movement and the Lead Element comes under fire from an enemy unit.  The player has determined that the enemy unit is no larger than a team and can be assaulted by the squad without help from the rest of the platoon.

  • Action on enemy contact
    • Team in contact returns fire
    • If the Lead Element can defeat the enemy team on its own then it attacks and neutralizes it on its own
    • If the Team in contact cannot on its own defeat the enemy team, goto Suppress the enemy
  • Locate the enemy
    • If enemy unit is not spotted, identify enemy position by sound and direction of incoming fire
    • Request indirect or mortar support if available
  • Suppress the enemy
    • Can the Team in contact suppress the enemy team?
      • If yes then Team in contact suppresses the enemy team with fire
      • Note 1: for best results use the team containing the squad’s automatic weapon (BAR, or LMG) using area fire on the suspected enemy position
      • Note 2: if necessary, use two teams to suppress the enemy team (as in my example)
    • If the Team in contact cannot suppress the enemy team then squad takes up a support by fire position; perform Platoon Attack Drill
  • Attack
    • Trail (maneuver) Element assaults the enemy team
      • The maneuver element could be composed of one or two teams depending on what is needed to suppress the enemy team
      • The team containing any short range automatic weapons should compose at least part of the maneuver element
      • Attack from a flank
      • Maneuver using cover and concealment.  Ensure that as you order your maneuver element forward that there is some terrain element between the route of advance and the enemy unit so their movement is not spotted (or is at least covered from enemy fire)
        • Keep the crest of a ridge between you and the enemy
        • Use a covered approach, such as that offered by thick woods
        • If necessary, screen the move with smoke – ensure you wait for it to build

      • This should not be conducted as one continuous movement, plot the advance in bounds, especially when getting close to grenade range (sub 30m)
      • The maneuver element should have a target order placed on the enemy team’s location as soon as it is possible (gray target line is okay)
      • If the enemy team is not fully suppressed DO NOT advance within 30 meters as the maneuver element will be within grenade range and casualties will be taken
      • 30 meters out (or closer), stop the maneuver element and plot a target order, this should have them start to throw grenades
    • Team in contact continues to suppress the enemy team
      • You can use Target Light to control support team rate of fire and conserve ammo if needed
      • Fire should be continuous while the maneuver element is moving into their assault position
    • Team in contact either stops firing, or shifts fire as the Trail Element begins its assault
      • When shifting fire, the team in contact should try to shift fire on where the enemy team could retreat through
    • Trail Element assaults through the enemy team
      • Once the enemy team is clearly suppressed, give the order for the maneuver element to advance through the objective

  • Consolidate and Reorganize
    • Maneuver element takes up a defensive posture on the objective
    • Team in contact advances to the objective
    • Squad sets up in hasty defensive positions in order to reorganize and reorient to next objective
  • The Squad continues the mission


  1. Wow Bill, thank you so much for sharing this. I learn so much from your blog!
    Greetings, Yskonyn

  2. Well done Bill, thanks for taking the time to do this. It will help me take my CM gaming to the next level!

  3. This is the greatest thing of all time how you break this down is amazing. the visual part is amazing.was looking for this for years.