January 11, 2014

Recon Pull

Recon Pull:  This technique involves spreading your reconnaissance over a wide area, probing many potential routes before committing to any of them.  Not until the enemy strengths and weaknesses along those routes have been identified will you have the information needed to make your plan.  Basically the reconnaissance dictates the axis of attack (AOA), which should go down the easier, less defended route. 

This type of reconnaissance is slower and more methodical but can pay huge dividends if done correctly. 
You should have a clear view of the enemy force composition and deployment before your final plan is made (see Decision Process).  Also a lot of patience is required to effectively pull this off, and the ability to discern or guess enemy intentions from a few scattered contacts is required.

The German term Auftragstaktik is similar to Recon Pull as it also encourages players to exhibit initiative, flexibility and improvisation while in command.

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