January 07, 2014

The Four Fs

The Four Fs

Throughout the battle drills and descriptions on this blog there will be one theme, and that is that you need to find your enemy before you can decide the best way to eliminate him.  Regardless of whether you are maneuvering a squad, an infantry platoon, or a tank platoon the rules are the same, you have to:

  • FIND HIM - use scouting forces of small teams as a net before your main body, move them along covered routes and try to ascertain where the enemy is located.  Sound contacts are a good way to identify enemy positions.  Best practice is to move a team into a good observation position, where the team can either see or hear the enemy, move them into position and then stop them and let them observe in place for at least a few turns.  I use up to a third of my force depending on the scenario for this role.  See React to Contact Drill
  • FIX HIM - once identified, and if you know the size of the enemy unit, your goal next will be to place enough fire onto his position to suppress that unit.  Rule of thumb, an MG or a team should suppress a like sized unit, for larger formations like enemy platoons it is best to eat the elephant one bite at a time, and attempt to suppress the enemy squad on an exposed flank and eliminate the enemy platoon one piece at a time.  See React to Contact Drill and Squad Attack Drill
  • FLANK HIM - using your maneuver element you will next maneuver into a position on the flank or in the rear of the enemy unit.  Note: for larger formations this might entail isolating one part of the enemy formation and concentrating on that, then moving to the next.  See React to Contact Drill and Squad Attack Drill

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