March 06, 2015


This section of the Tactical Toolbox will concentrate on commanding a platoon sized formation in the Combat Mission games.  

I will discuss several tasks that you might use your platoon for, I will breakdown the Field Manual descriptions of each task and discuss how to implement its concepts in the Combat Mission games.

I am concentrating on the Rifle Platoon with the initial posts but I also will be doing the same for the Tank Platoon in a follow-on series.  This will be the building blocks of the Company Commander series of posts that will follow the Platoon Leader series.


I hope this will be interesting and somewhat helpful to your understanding of how best to use your platoons in the Combat Mission series of games. 

This series will have supporting tactical problems (scenarios) for you to test your knowledge.  All tactical problems will be built with CMBN 3.11 so if you want to follow along ensure you are up to date with your CMBN installation.

The posts in this series are loosely based on the Rifle Platoon section of FM 7-10 INFANTRY RIFLE COMPANY, INFANTRY REGIMENT dated 18 March 1944. I will use the major headings and sub-headings from the manual as jumping off points to the discussions and will only pull out the parts that will be important and relevant to wielding your platoon in the game.