August 15, 2013

Movement Technique 004 - Bounding Overwatch (Alternating)

Bounding Overwatch (Alternating)

This technique is used when enemy contact is probable or expected, and when speed is more important than security.
  • Elements move by bounds, with at least one element in a position to provide overwatch
  • The Lead Element maneuvers to a position where it can overwatch the movement of the Trail Element
  • Elements move on the best covered and concealed route
  • When the Lead Element is in position, the Trail Element moves to a position that is in advance of the Lead Element
  •  When the Trail Element is in position, the Lead Element moves forward to its next position in advance of the Trail Element

Gameplay Notes:
  • Do not rush this movement... take your time in the game, ensure you use the terrain to mask your movement. 
  • If you can mask your movement behind a hill, smoke screen, woodline,etc. then you can move fast, otherwise move on hunt or normal movement speeds.  
  • Give your units pauses from time to time (of varying lengths), especially when your movement could be watched by an enemy unit.  
  • When moving into an overwatch position, especially if moving from masked to unmasked, move to your last waypoint at Hunt speed.
  • It is possible to plan this movement out so both units are moving in the same turn.  To do this you must uses pauses on waypoints to hold a unit in overwatch until the other has moved into its position.  This takes practice to get right, so PRACTICE!!


  1. Nice! I ended up with a minor victory because I got too incautious at the very end and caught a potato masher. Kind of dumb since I had four more minutes to go. Or, perhaps that's just the vagaries of war.

  2. Hi Bil,
    You mention that in Alternating Bounding you should have automatic weapons in your trailing element - I get this for successive bounding since the autos will be in overwatch while the lead advances into new territory, but why for alternating particularly?