August 15, 2013

Movement Technique 003 - Bounding Overwatch (Successive)

Bounding Overwatch (Successive)

This technique is used when enemy contact is probable or expected, and when security is more important than speed.
  • Elements move by bounds, with at least one element in a position to provide overwatch 
  • Elements move on the best covered and concealed route 
  • The Lead Element maneuvers to a position where it can overwatch the movement of the Trail Element, this establishes the overwatch line.
  • The trail element should contain the squad's automatic weapon(s).

    • When the Lead Element is in position, the Trail Element moves to a position on line with the Lead Element

    • When the Trail Element is in position it overwatches as the Lead Element moves forward to the next line

Gameplay Notes:
  • Do not rush this movement... take your time in the game, ensure you use the terrain to mask your movement. 
  • If you can mask your movement behind a hill, smoke screen, woodline,etc. then you can move fast, otherwise move on hunt or normal movement speeds.  
  • Give your units pauses from time to time (of varying lengths), especially when your movement could be watched by an enemy unit.  
  • When moving into an overwatch position, especially if moving from masked to unmasked, move to your last waypoint at Hunt speed.
  • It is possible to plan this movement out so both units are moving in the same turn.  To do this you must uses pauses on waypoints to hold a unit in overwatch until the other has moved into its position.  This takes practice to get right, so PRACTICE!!

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