August 04, 2013

Overview-Combat Mission Tactical Problems

Combat Mission Tactical Problems (CMTP)

Purpose:  Using the series of Combat Mission games (initially CMBN- v2.10). Providing a means from which to learn battlefield tactics, building from small units and eventually moving to larger combined arms forces.

  • The player will attempt to solve a series of problems involving a tactical situation or a series of tactical situations
  • Problems will be progressive:
    • Start with the squad and section problems
    • Progress to platoon problems
    • Progress to company problems
    • Finally move on to combined arms force problems
  • There is no correct answer, only a correct result
  • Types of problems:
    • This course in combat skills will include situations involving:
      • Infantry only actions
      • Tank only actions
      • Reconnaissance
      • Support units
        • Machine Guns
        • Mortars
        • Tank Destroyers
        • Anti-tank guns
      • The combined arms team
        • Infantry company with tank support
        • Tank company with infantry support
        • Combat Team (Kampfgruppe)
      • Units in attack
      • Units in defense
      • The delay or fighting withdrawal
      • Combat resupply
      • And more (TBD)
Tactical Toolbox:  The Tactical Toolbox will be the repository for all basic tactical skills necessary to complete these Tactical Problems.  They will be added to on an as needed basis,  The following is a list of some of the subjects that will be addressed:
  • Movement techniques
  • Fire and maneuver
  • Battle drills
  • Coordination and teamwork among all components of a tactical unit, such as a tank or infantry platoon
  • Coordination among dissimilar tactical units, such as squads of a rifle platoon and sections of a tank platoon
  • Application of support assets
  • Distribution and control of the firepower of available weapons
  • Friendly course of action analysis
  • Enemy course of action analysis
  • Terrain appreciation and analysis


  1. Great stuff, Sir.

    I have followed, and really enjoyed, your AARs in BFC forums. Congratulations for your posts and thanks for sharing.

  2. Bil - looks very good. Are you still planning on posting the scenarios on a Gpage? Looks like you are ready to start on AOC and Assault. Recommend we figure out how to organize the "Key Tactical Considerations" section, as that will vary by tactical function (eg. different on defense). I can provide numerous screenshots of how NOT to do it, if needed!

  3. Scott, I might use Google Drive as the repository for the scenarios.. more on that later.

    Next up are a few Battle Drills. You are right the Key Tactical Considerations will get expanded as the content is added.

  4. Very nice, I'll be subscribing to the blog feed :)

  5. Your aar's at Battlefront are great and really appreciate sharing your knowledge! Thanks

  6. Great stuff Bill looking forward to your scenarios.

    para (Battlefront forum)

  7. Great stuff. All of this, Bill. Should be more widely advertised on the Battlefront site, I think. Loads of really useful material. Thanks so much.

  8. Played Tactical Problem 1 and enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

  9. Just found this blog, its a great help in understanding the game. Excellent blog Bil cheers

  10. cannot download the tactical problem 1 windows says i have not got permission, any ideas anyone

    1. Steven, I don't know what the problem might be, the links work fine for me. Sorry you are having trouble, send me an email or PM me on the Battlefront forum and I'll email it to you.

  11. Excellent scenarios Bil, managed a total victory in infantry module, lost one GI. Struggling on armour scenario but getting there cheers.

  12. Huge thanks for this great resource!

  13. Hey Bil,

    Just a quick note to say I'm loving this and I've now read it all at least twice as I'm waiting for my new computer to turn up so I can get back into gaming. I think that this is a fantastic resource and both novices and veterans alike should read this on a regular basis to review the basics in small unit tactics. I also just wanted to make sure that you are going to continue working on this as I'm keen to sink my teeth into the next parts.

    Great job mate,