August 04, 2013

Basic Rules for Combat Mission

Basic Rules for Combat Mission
    • Use cover and concealment when moving
    • Establish local fire superiority
    • Conduct reconnaissance in every stage of the battle - this should keep you from getting surprised, and you will continually be gaining information on the enemy movements and order of battle, make notes of these and patterns will appear that you can use to good effect
    • Take your time, chances are you have plenty of time in the scenario with which to work
    • Gain and maintain the initiative through movement
    • Move your units to a position from which you have an advantage over the enemy (i.e. a flank)
    • Do not stay in a bad situation, extricate your units whenever they appear to be in danger of getting overwhelmed
    • Check your cover and concealment when ordering a move to ensure that your moving units are not exposed (or minimally so) along their route
    • Establish a base of fire to support the maneuver element
    • Suppress or kill the enemy before ordering the assault onto an objective - if he is suppressed press home the attack aggressively, do not allow him to recover and extricate himself
    • Use recon by fire only when you are fairly certain there is an enemy unit at the target location
    • Area fire will reduce your ammo supply very quickly, use it with intelligence and only when supporting an attack
    • Keep your combat units in C2 range as much as possible
    • Maintain good communication whenever possible for on map indirect fire, in other words, have a radio equipped unit within C2 range of your on map mortars if using them indirectly
    • Maintain the pressure on your enemy
    • Resupply your forward units whenever possible by relieving them with a reserve unit and pulling them back for resupply if its available
    • Have your units perform medic duties whenever possible, this is a good role for follow-on units

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