September 29, 2013

Battle Drill 004 – Reconnaissance by Fire

Reconnaissance by Fire

HISTORICAL NOTE: Widely used in WW2, reconnaissance by fire should be a part of every commander’s tactical toolbox. Armored units often advanced at speed, using machine guns or cannon fire to fire at any cover that could hold an enemy unit on both sides of the route of advance. The main goal was to suppress and distract the aim of enemy gunners and antitank teams, but also to identify any enemy positions.

Reconnaissance by Fire is a technique used when firing into a terrain position that could be or is suspected as being occupied by the enemy.
  • Reconnaissance by fire does not mean to blindly fire into a position in the hopes of hitting something
  • The main goal is to provoke the enemy into returning fire or fleeing, either confirming the presence of the enemy or confirming that the position is not manned
  • Any enemy units identified with reconnaissance by fire would then be attacked with either Fire & Movement, Squad/Platoon Attack Drill, or attacked by fire

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