September 29, 2013

Infantry Tactical Problem 001 - Squad Attack

Infantry Tactical Problem 001 - Squad Attack
Download the Infantry Squad Attack Scenario
  • Tactical Problem
    • Purpose: The purpose of this Tactical Problem is to give the player experience controlling a rifle squad in maneuvering against an enemy position
    • Time: 30 minutes
    • References: FM7-10_Rifle_Company-44.pdf, chapter 6
  • Necessary Basic Knowledge for this Tactical Problem:
    • Movement techniques
      • Travelling
      • Travelling Overwatch
      • Bounding Overwatch (alternating and successive)
    • Battle Drills
      • React to Contact
      • Squad Attack

  • Enemy - the enemy outpost (LMG team) at Woods E is the main objective for this problem.  There could be other enemy units on the map as well, but no further information is available
  • Friendly Forces – A rifle platoon leader is in position on HILL A.  Rifle Squad 1 is the sole maneuver element for this problem, the platoon leader element can only be used for spotting and for fire support, it cannot move during this problem
  • Squad movement to contact, primary objective is to eliminate the enemy outpost at Woods E using the cover of the trees and low lying land along the stream (as indicated on the map) to approach the position.
  • Only maneuver with Squad 1 – broken down into either two or three teams Platoon HQ element may only be used for supporting fire, and may not be maneuvered or used offensively
  • Show movement technique skills, you must:
    • use Travelling for at least one turn
    • use Travelling Overwatch for at least one turn
    • use Bounding Overwatch (Alternating) for at least one turn – note:  it is recommended that Bounding Overwatch be used when reaching the river and until enemy contact is made 
    • use Bounding Overwatch (Successive) for at least one turn – note:  it is recommended that Bounding Overwatch be used when reaching the river and until enemy contact is made
  • React to Contact
  • Squad Attack
  • You as the player are expected to maneuver as directed (follow the green arrow, at least until enemy contact is made), react to contact and attack as required eliminating all enemy in zone
  • Use advance to contact tactics:  make contact with the smallest element possible then perform a squad attack in order to deal with any enemy force encountered
  • Practice giving orders for each of the different movement techniques!  --This is an opportunity to get familiar with each technique and you should have plenty of time to give orders for each
  • The goal of this problem is to give you experience maneuvering against a known enemy force, and to give you experience in reacting to enemy contact, and finally to give you experience in conducting an attack using the Squad Attack Drill
  • The most important traits for a tactical commander are patience and flexibility.  
  • Be prepared to adjust plans as required and as the situation changes.  
  • Also, take your time, there are 30 minutes available to accomplish your task, don’t rush your movement or your attacks, and think them through before committing.
  • The squad will be operating on its own away from any contact with the Platoon Leader so will not have any communication with higher echelon.  
  • It will maintain inter-squad communication as best as it can, and be sure to coordinate all fire and movement.


  1. Nice little scenario to play and work on squad movements. This would be a great time to ask about fighting in forest.

    I had broken my platoon into two squads and a scout squad. My scouts where obviously the lead element and had found the enemy while in hunt movement. No actual contact was made but I could see the enemy's ? icon.

    I put my scout movement to slow to try and crawl closer but they were immediately mowed down by troops in the bunker.

    However I had the two other squads flanking both sides and they were able to flush out and kill the enemy.

    My question being is what's the best way to get into contact with the enemy while fighting in the woods? I messed up, I should have left scouts in position and laid suppressive fire with one squad while attacking with the other.

    Either way was just wanting to know if you had any tips for fighting in the woods.

  2. great teaching tool. Thanks for making it!

  3. quick question. Do you have any tips on the bounding overwatch like how far to move and how long to pause for each movement. for example when moving in quick, go two action boxes and pause for 10 seconds, when moving in hunt, go X boxes and pause Y seconds, etc...?