May 21, 2016

Illustrated Vignettes

One of my favorite books of all time, and it sits on my night stand to this day as constant reading, is The Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes, which is chock full of small stories like these from ancient times to modern.

These illustrated vignettes will be based on in-game PBEM experiences... when I experience an interesting or compelling situation I might use that as a basis for an Illustrated Vignette.

The images in these vignettes are all based on screen captures from the Combat Mission games, however many of them are highly modified.  Take for example this panel:

It started life as a simple screen capture, but after numerous modifications in Photoshop, some hand painting, and finally the application of several filters, it went from the image on the left below, to the one on the right.

The following image of the leader conference around the commander's jeep is made up of a total of six different screen captures from Combat Mission, the jeep, one for the map, and one for each figure.  This particular image was very time consuming to assemble as I had to match the lighting on the jeep to all of the figures, composite them, modify them, etc..

I will try to put these out once in a while as the urge hits me.  The first Illustrated Vignette, King of the Hill, is available now.  These vignettes will probably be rare occurrences on this blog, but they are a fun way to waste some of my time.


  1. Hey your vignettes based on CM are pretty damn cool. I had a lot fun looking them over. Photoshop I take it?

    1. Thanks Ken... yes a lot of tweaking of screenshots in Photoshop, some hand painting, and the application of a few filters to get the appearance i was looking for.