May 18, 2017

Battle Technique -Throw Grenades Over a Crest

If you suspect the enemy could be just over the crest in a reverse slope posture:

  • stop on your side of the crest and target as far as you can towards the crest, or better slightly on the other side.  
    • (IMPORTANT: ensure your target is set to less than 30 meters) 
  • If the targeted location cannot be fired on with direct fire (i.e. no clear target), your team will only use grenades.

Your team will then toss grenades over the crest and you will be able to move to the crest with your second team to assault through the position.

Example in action:

I knew in this game, that there was an enemy mortar team in the foxhole just on the other side of the ridge from my recon team. 

My team were given a target order at less than 30 meters to the foxhole, there was no direct line of sight, so my team only threw grenades, which knocked out the enemy mortar team.

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