June 09, 2017

Battle Technique - Keyhole Firing Position

"One of the most successful techniques is the "Window" or "Keyhole" position. Simply stated, the basis for this technique is to limit exposure by deliberately restricting a tank's sector of fire. The tank is exposed only to the targets at which it is firing. It then shifts to other firing positions as targets are destroyed."
NTC Observations November '85

Whenever I place my armor in a Combat Mission game I try to find the most secure and effective position possible.  One of the most effective is called a Keyhole Firing Position.  The goal is to have a very narrow firing arc and to have security to each flank.  This position should also be easy to back out of as required.  Try to find and use keyhole positions for any of your important weapons, including tanks, halftracks, MGs, AT weapons, etc.

A keyhole position does dramatically decrease the amount of area your asset can cover, so it is best used as an ambush position, or as a temporary firing position.  Use it, then move to a new spot as the situation warrants.

Example:  from my CMFI Eye of the Elefant BETA AAR - I placed a halftrack in a keyhole position expecting my opponent's Anti-Aircraft halftrack to drive by, I was not disappointed.  Though I didn't kill the enemy vehicle I did cause it some pain and it backed off without being able to return fire.

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